COVID-19 Relief for Southern Communities

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South Carolina  |   Tennessee   |   West Virginia  |   Virginia

Black women will, as we always have, look out for the needs of our family, friends, and community.

Given the unprecedented turmoil of the COVID-19 outbreak many of us will need extraordinary help to
care for our families, maintain our homes, and remind our communities to find joy, even in this.

The Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium (SBGWC) is a collective of funders, activists and
community leaders working to advance the movements for Black girls and women in the Deep South.
We are offering an immediate funding opportunity to support Black girls and women and the people who
rely on them. The SBGWC COVID-19 fund will rapidly deploy resources to organizations that support
Black girls and women in the South that may be experiencing financial crisis or uncertainty due to
the coronavirus outbreak.


#BlackGirlJoy Challenge 

COVID-19 canceled school, graduations, birthday parties, family vacations, and simply hanging
out with friends. Girls ages 12-25 applied for $250 to fund their idea for spreading JOY, despite being apart.

Rapid Response Grants for Organizations serving Black girls and women  

We know that in many southern rural communities community groups, grassroots organizations,
and churches that are serving as first responders.  Trusted community organizations are responding
to new and varied needs.

Safety and Security

Stay-at-home orders, intended to keep our broader communities safe and healthy have sentenced women and girls to homes that may not be safe at all.  In Southern rural communities, domestic violence organizations are small, possibly one or two person teams. These organizations dealing with the stress of running remote 24/7 operations, need general operating support  to keep to delivering services. In the face of the larger health crisis the needs of these organizations may be lost.