The Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium
Launches Black Girls Dream Fund


The $100 million fundraising initiative will support making Black girls’ dreams a reality

The Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium is proud to announce the launch of a 10-year campaign to raise $100 million
to financially empower the goals of Southern Black girls and women in the U.S. through the Black Girls Dream Fund.
The new Fund seeks to fundraise and shift current grantmaking efforts in the South, channelling greater resources toward
organizations that are intentionally supporting and empowering Black girls and women.

Inspired and informed by research conducted by SBGWC through listening sessions with hundreds of Black girls and women
throughout the South, funding will be used to advance services and supports, ranging from affordable housing,
entrepreneurial endeavors, legal assistance, mental and physical health, and more.

To support these efforts, SBGWC has raised $10 million in seed capital from the NoVo Foundation and has received additional
contributions from Women Donors Network, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Lucy and Isadore B Adelman Foundation,
Collective Future Fund, and the Momentum Fund. The Consortium is open to funding from both private and public sources.
Read the full announcement here.


The Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium is partnering with the NoVo foundation to support the growing movement for Black girls in the Southeastern U.S. a new collective of funders, activists and community leaders working to advance the movements for Black girls and women in the Southeast.

The Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium will co-create an infrastructure for regional grantmaking and movement building, providing resources to locally-based organizations run by and working directly for black girls, including those outside of traditional non-profit organizations.

For the next twelve months, the consortium will partner with girls and those who center girls in their work to design an infrastructure that will manage grantmaking and additional capacities needed in the Southeast, while supporting and strengthening social movements for Black girls.

In addition to direct grantmaking, the consortium will coordinate efforts and support opportunities to provide spaces for healing, political education, and organize capacity building for movements that center and are led by Black girls and women.

Who We Are

The consortium is coordinated entirely by a community of Black women in philanthropy, activism and girls’ work, who hold deep roots in movement-building throughout the Southeast. The partnership recognizes their critical role and the importance of centering the lived experiences and leadership of those most impacted by deep-seated injustice

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